Insurance & Storage

If you care about what happens to your possessions and furniture when you are moving house and you have gone to the trouble of finding yourself a good professional and accredited removal company, then it is crucial that you go for the insurance option. Any reputable removal company will offer insurance and it just makes sense to have it. Never just take their word for it, if you have opted for insurance you will be asked for a detailed inventory and valuation of at least the most expensive items.

#A policy that offers limited liability needs to be queried as the main thing you are wanting insurance for is against damages, sometimes there will be clauses regarding this eventuality where you are required to prove that the damage was the result of negligence on the part of the removal firm’s workers, this can be almost impossible to prove. Especially if you opted to do the packing yourself, you may not even be covered in that situation. It is worth checking every detail you can regarding the insurance before the event, rather than after. Ask about any excess payments that you may be expected to pay in the event of a claim, always better if the removal company has to pay that as it will give them a real incentive to be careful or they will lose money. In the event that you choose to have your things stored, check how much the insurance cover is, sometimes it can be more than the cost of the storage.

There can be all sorts of reasons why you might choose to have your furniture and possessions go into storage for a while, and, like moving house, its one of those things you will only need to do once or twice in your life, so it is worth considering the pros and cons connected with the options available to you, firstly you could let the removal company arrange the storage for you, if they are a good company they will survey your property, provide good packing and storage materials such as cardboard boxes, blankets and plastic sheeting, and show you the actual storage facility and explain how they go about everything, for your peace of mind.

All paperwork will be given and a detailed inventory of all your goods will be drawn up along with a guarantee and terms and conditions, along with the all-important insurance. They should have an efficient and clean container that they bring to your house and load up after the packaging has been completed. It may be a condition of the insurers that the removal company does all the packing so let them do their job but be available to help if need be.

Always make sure the company you are dealing with is accredited and a member of a guild or trade organization, get all estimates including dates and times in writing, and before signing anything do a search on the web for comments or reviews as if they are good, then you will see good reviews. If they are cowboys then there will often be warnings and bad reviews. I f you wind up going with a cowboy outfit your possessions could end up in storage in a stinky rat infested farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, when you get them back, expensive items may be missing and your furniture covered in dirt and mildew and rat droppings.

The other alternative is to go for self storage, where you do all the packing and transportation, your goods end up in a warehouse or storage facility, either in a container or just a space in a warehouse, which can be quite dodgy, always go for a container, the best being indoor storage in a wooden crate, metal containers can often end up being stored at least temporarily outdoors which can mean damp getting in unless they are well sealed. The best setup seems to be your goods professionally packaged by the firm and neatly stored in a wooden container and stacked with a fork lift truck, this is why it is always best to let the removal company handle it, but insist on the insurance and to see the storage facility before agreeing to anything.