Extra Services Some Companies May Offer

Moving house, along with buying a new house, dealing with estate agents, mortgage companies, solicitors and so on can be the most stressful time of your life, not to mention the most expensive. With so many things to pay for, people often think that they will at least do all the packing of their possessions before a move themselves. When a professional removal company asks if you want a quote for the packing, people often say no and opt to do it themselves.

The trouble is, having never packed every single one of their possessions and valuables before, mistakes are often made. The first being underestimating the amount of packing materials needed. It is hard to accurately estimate just how much bubble wrap you are going to need to keep all your valuables safe, the sheer number of cardboard boxes and the unfeasible amount of cellotape that you will need is almost beyond belief, and the cost can be considerable, unless you plan weeks ahead and buy in bulk. Very few people do this and they leave it to the last possible moment to find boxes and packing materials, they buy cellotape and bubble wrap in small quantities locally and pay retail prices. The inevitable result is they simply run out far sooner than they expected and need more.

It is so easy to underestimate just how many items need to be packed and at the same time end up running dangerously short on materials and time, this is not surprising considering it’s not something you are likely to be skilled in planning out. The cost can be considerable for boxes and bubble wrap, tape and the time it will all take has to be compared to the ease and convenience of letting the removal company do it for you. They will have the experience and all the materials needed to do a great job of packaging your precious items and even labeling them so they will all be going to the right place and you will know what is in each box when it reaches its destination safely.

Some removal companies also offer an unpacking service as well, which may be worth considering, as well as disassembly and reassembly, which could take a lot of the backache out of moving house as well as the stress…you could even find that you might even actually enjoy moving house! Some companies also offer cleaning services too, which is always one of the most unpleasant jobs to do, after all, who wants to clean the old house that you are moving from? With all the furniture gone, there is bound to be dust and cobwebs left behind at the very least and it will be one less thing to worry about.

If you have done your research and found yourself a reputable professional removal company you may be pleasantly surprised at how it all works out when you allow the company to do what they do best, move house for you, and packing can be just one less thing for you to worry about. If you are smart you will make sure that the removal company have insurance for breakages anyway, and this will be a positive incentive for their staff to be careful at every step of the process. Just make sure the company you hire is professionally accredited and ideally a member of a trade organization and leave the hard work and worry to them, you will be glad you did and the whole process will be far less stressful than you might have expected.