Severn Side Removals - dont get stung

Severn Side RemovalsWhen you are moving house you will need to hire a removal company and there are good ones and bad ones or you could opt for getting a few friends to help you move all your possessions and furniture in return for a take away and a few beers. Either way you have to decide who you want to be physically manhandling your worldly goods in and out of a van and potentially damaging or destroying them in the process.

Assuming you have ruled out the latter option and you have decided to hire a professional outfit, you then need to ensure that they are professional and reliable. Considering that this is something you only do on average once or twice in your life, also house moving tends to be the most stressful of experiences, you have to make sure you don’t end up hiring a bunch of unprofessional and untrustworthy cowboys.

You can expect that any decent and professional removal company will be advertising both online and in the newspaper or yellow pages, bearing in mind how easy and cheap it is to look professional online, it may be wise to look for a company that pays for printed advertising too. Don’t be put off by a less than perfect website, this is no indication as to the quality of their removal service. They may just have an outdated web site they haven’t got round to updating yet.

Rely more on referrals and word of mouth, look for reviews and testimonials on the web, ask the companies if they are members of trade organizations.

What you want to see is a company that is a member of a trade association such as the Freight Transport Association or The Road Haulage Association, or even better, the British Association of Removers or the National Guild of Removers, who are the most relevant trade organizations. They require their members to be inspected and monitored for quality of service. You can be much more assured of good service and a professional attitude if the companies you are considering are members of at least one of these trade organizations, as they have codes of practice that their members are expected to adhere to.

It is highly unlikely that you will end up employing a rogue trader if they are members of a reputable trade organization, and they will be proudly displaying their membership certificates on their vehicles, in their office and in their advertising. When you have shortlisted at least 3 companies then you need to compare the service they are offering; are they prepared to give you an estimate in writing, with firm collection and delivery dates? Do they offer a packing service including packaging materials? Do they offer insurance for breakages (this is extremely important and a sign of a company that cares about breakages)? Do they look professional, how do their vehicles look? Are they in a good state of repair, all these questions are ways to avoid ending up with just some guys and a van, pretending to be a professional company, charging top rates but in reality offering a shoddy service and not having the all-important care and concern for their clients’ valuables.

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